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» Hosted Managed Network Provider, Savvis, Deploys Cloud IT Infrastructure

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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St. Louis, Missouri – (The Hosting News) – March 6, 2009 – Hosted managed network provider, Savvis, has unveiled its Cloud Compute solution, a new virtual data center hosting and private cloud computing solution for enterprises opportunity.

Melanie Posey, Research Director at IDC remarked, ”The emergence of enterprise-class, cloud computing solutions is a significant development for the industry. The new macro economic environment and the attendant budgetary constraints are forcing cost conscious enterprises of all sizes to take a closer look at more cost-effective operating-expenditure models. This, in turn, is increasing interest in outsourced, private cloud solutions that offer flexible resource allocation capabilities along with the security and performance guarantees that enterprises require. Managed hosting and IT infrastructure service providers focused on virtualization and IT infrastructure-as-a-service are well-positioned to derive significant revenue from evolving cloud-based models.”

With the introduction of an advanced customer portal, these new offerings feature enhanced user control and flexibility in provisioning virtual compute and storage capabilities on top of both private and shared platforms. This enables “right-sized computing” via the ability to purchase fractional compute resources on demand by the ”instance” with flexible month-to-month business terms.

Savvis Cloud Compute provides essential benefits for enterprises that have substantial fluctuations in web traffic and computing requirements from heavy business day peaks. Immediate benefits are available for SaaS applications, seasonal web eCommerce traffic, and financial trading applications. In addition, Savvis Cloud Compute assists in the implementation of disaster recovery for back-office locations, and shifting test and development environments to lower cost footprints.

Savvis Cloud Compute inaugurates Savvis’ moving its utility compute and storage solutions into the cloud and marks the first in a series of new, integrated value-added IT solutions delivered in cloud technology that Savvis will roll out this year.

Highlights include:

– Savvis Cloud Compute delivers secure, enterprise-class cloud compute and storage functionality designed to meet customer requirements for on-demand, scalable, flexible and cost-effective managed hosting services for business-critical applications and infrastructure.
– Businesses with seasonal or unpredictable computing needs will benefit from easy access to more efficient, low-cost, IT resources provisioned in near-real time, helping them maintain a competitive edge by limiting financial risk, keeping IT costs in check, and enabling speed to market. Customers can tap the benefits of cloud computing without significant initial investment and minimum commitments. This zero capital expenditure model appeals to customers that want to reduce their capital budgets without sacrificing IT growth in the long run.
– Ideal for production and pre-production environments, Savvis Cloud Compute provides flexible infrastructure, delivering greater end-user control through the SavvisStation Portal to add servers and storage capacity automatically and in minutes. This combines with comprehensive capacity management reporting to help customers optimize their IT spend by anticipating and acting on changes in demand.
Savvis Cloud Compute operates seamlessly with other Savvis utility and dedicated services providing customers with the ability to map complex enterprise application needs to the most appropriate service enabling affordable, business-critical performance.

– Savvis Cloud Compute is complemented by Savvis’ Application Transport Network, which enhances delivery and performance of remotely hosted services via Savvis’ global footprint of 29 data centers.
Market demand for cloud computing services continues to expand. IDC estimates spending on IT cloud services to grow nearly threefold, from $16.2 billion in 2008 to $42 billion in 2012. This forecast includes business applications, application development and deployment, system infrastructure software, storage and servers. This according to IDC’s Cloud Services Forecast 2008-2012: A Key Driver of New Growth, authored by IDC analyst Frank Gens.

Bryan Doerr, Chief Technology Officer at Savvis noted, ”Utility computing was the forerunner for what evolved into the enterprise cloud computing solutions we are seeing today. Savvis pioneered virtualized IT services in the network and the data center and is proud to continue expanding these capabilities with cloud-based IT infrastructure as a service. Enterprises who previously outsourced some or very little of their IT Infrastructure will see this as an incredible opportunity to deliver a steep improvement in the efficiency of their spending on infrastructure, allowing them to deliver more with less.”

Savvis, Inc. is an outsourcing provider of managed computing and network infrastructure for IT applications. By outsourcing to Savvis, enterprises can focus on their core business while Savvis ensures the quality of their IT infrastructure. Leading IT organizations around the world have selected Savvis to help them improve their service levels, reduce capital expense and deal with the rising costs of bandwidth, energy, real estate, staff and expertise. As a pioneer in utility computing, Savvis understands and harnesses the latest advances in technology like virtualization, cloud computing and support process automation.

For more information about Savvis, please visit:

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