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» Web Hosting Provider, Network Solutions, CentralNic, Debut Central Registry

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Herndon, Virginia – (The Hosting News) – March 5, 2009 – Web hosting services firm, Network Solutions, along with CentralNic USA, have jointly created a new venture, called Central Registry Solutions.

Combining one of the more trusted registrars with the largest selection of domain extensions with a premiere registry that has one of the widest networks of registrar partners, the firms will provide consulting, domain registration, and other value added services to entities interested in offering new top level domains (TLDs).

Jonathon Nevett, Senior Vice President of Policy and Domain Services for Network Solutions noted, ”Partnering with CentralNic provides customers with a team of experienced professionals in domain name services.  Together our companies will deliver the stability and reliability that are needed to build, market and maintain a successful domain business.”
In response to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) opening up the Internet for new TLDs, Central Registry Solutions was formed to help customers navigate the ICANN application process and provide advice on how to set up and maintain registry services for new TLDs.  In addition, the company will offer back-end registry services and will provide distribution services for entities that want to offer TLDs.
Daniel Schindler, CEO of the CentralNic Group remarked, ”We are delighted about the new opportunities presented by this partnership between CentralNic and Network Solutions. The combination of the world’s first and one of the most respected registrars with the world’s second oldest registry make our companies the perfect partners to provide domain services in this exciting new era of the Internet.”
For companies that wish to apply for a new TLD, Central Registry Solutions will assist with the ICANN application process.  As the guidelines for new TLDs are developed, Central Registry Solutions will consult with customers to ensure that their applications meet all of ICANN’s requirements and set forth the strongest bids possible for TLDs.
Central Registry Solutions will offer applicants with reliable back-end registry services, including Domain Name Service (DNS) look-up, domain registrations, domain renewals, complete DNS services, domain forwarding, WHOIS look-up and name server listings to name a few.
Central Registry Solutions will guarantee distribution of domain names for its customers through Network Solutions one of the most trusted retail registrars.  In addition, Central Registry Solutions will leverage CentralNic’s network of registrar partners to provide further distribution of domain names, which will help customers succeed in the marketplace.  Finally, Central Registry Solutions will offer other retail services that will enable new registries to package domains with web sites, online marketing services and security services, as well as other value-added services.
Central Registry Solutions will provide strategies for trademark and brand holders interested in a new TLD.  Central Registry Solutions will work with customers on opportunities for using their “dot brand” to connect with their clients, employees and other audiences through the use of open, limited or restricted domain registry marketplaces.
Originally founded in 1994, CentralNic ( is an independent global domain name registry committed to making it easier for Internet users to establish new and distinctive domain names with regional and country-specific identities.  CentralNic has a portfolio of 23 domain names, including (Europe), (United Kingdom), and (United States).

To learn more about Central Registry Solutions, please visit:

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