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» Web Hosting Tutorial Demo Pages Display, Unveiled at DemoWolf

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Nova Scotia, Canada – (The Hosting News) – April 6, 2009 – Web hosting industry flash tutorial firm, DemoWolf, has developed and released new ”Demo Pages” Display options, for its flash tutorial portfolio, to enable faster deployment.

DemoWolf is also currently offering all tutorials at 50% off, as well as ”bundles” of tutorial series for even greater savings. Sale prices end April 30, 2009.

Rob Moore, president of DemoWolf explained, ”As our inventory has grown to over 3,000 ready-made tutorials for the hosting industry, our clients began asking for an easier way to create all the hyperlinks to the tutorials they wanted to purchase. With Demo Pages, not only can we provide an HTML page with all relevant hyperlinks, but we can also offer some additional display options like floatboxes and nested-floatboxes, all pre-configured for a client’s domain, tutorial location, and including only those tutorials they have.”
When a company purchases tutorials from DemoWolf, they receive 2 files for every tutorial they purchase… a SWF file and a HTML file. So if a company purchases 300 tutorials, they’ll get 600 files from DemoWolf. The company must then upload all 600 files to their own server, and then create hyperlinks to the 300 HTML files so their customers can get access to those tutorials. Creating all these hyperlinks can be a long and arduous task.
DemoWolf customers can get a customized HTML page that has every link to every tutorial they purchase… and the hyperlinks will be customized such that they resolve to the customer’s own URL and location of their tutorials.
Demo Pages is available in three (3) configurations:
1. Simple HTML Page
2. HTML Page with Floatbox Display
3. HTML Page with Nested-Floatbox Display

DemoWolf produces tutorials for the web hosting industry, covering many aspects of web hosting that end users commonly have challenges with. The tutorials included for CPanel, feature 5 different skins, Direct Admin, Email, FTP, H-Sphere, Helm, phpMyAdmin, Plesk 8 for Linux, Plesk for Windows, SeverCP, SmarterMail, Virtuozzo, WebHost Manager,and several DNS domain name tutorials.and several DNS and domain name tutorial series. DemoWolf also has several tutorial series with voice/audio narration, with different voices to choose from, and accents. DemoWolf is an Internet services company based in Halifax, NS, Canada. Specializing in providing ”professional quality” branded tutorials for the web hosting industry, DemoWolf also provides custom tutorials for many other online applications.

For more information on these options and pricing, please visit:
To learn more about DemoWolf, please visit:

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