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» Hosting Platform for Virtual Private Server, Released by Webair

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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New York, New York – (The Hosting News) – April 13, 2009 – Web hosting provider, Webair, has released a new Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting platform. The company’s VPS hosting plans have been integrated with Webair Cloud Storage, creating a VPS platform that provides redundancy and scalability not found with traditional VPS plans.

Users can have the flexibility of running their own operating system in a shared environment with all of the benefits of a dedicated hosting solution. Webair has been providing Web Hosting services for over a decade becoming an industry leader for managed hosting services and Award Winning 24/7/365 Technical Support.
Webair’s new VPS plans offer clients the perfect middle ground between a shared hosting plan and a dedicated server. By using industry leading virtualization technology combined with Webair Cloud Storage, Webair has created a redundant and scalable VPS hosting platform that offers the flexibility of a dedicated server while having superior redundancy thus providing a secure, reliable and affordable way to get your website up and running instantly and on an independent operating system.
The technology gives webmasters the ability to upgrade system resources on the fly to grow with your business. Simply add more storage, memory or bandwidth nearly instantly without having to wait for hardware to be installed. This is all made possible by the unique configuration of Webair’s VPS server farm.
Rather than just using a single server to create a Virtual Private Server, Webair creates this environment over an entire server farm utilizing the Webair Cloud Storage system. By using Webair Cloud Storage as the main storage cluster, files may be restored directly from snapshots giving the user the ability to restore backups instantly. It is also possible to allocate more storage space without having to configure new hard drives or servers.
Webair has created a VPS platform that contains no single point of failure. This allows customers to focus on growing their business while having the peace of mind that the possibility of downtime is dramatically decreased and their data is fully protected as well.
Founded in 1996, was created by webmasters for webmasters to provide a viable, affordable, Managed Webhosting solution for companies of all types and sizes. The company supplies all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application – from Internet to enterprise server solutions.

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