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Best Web Hosting & Domain Name » Web Hosting, Dedicated Server, Colocation Milestone, Attained by iWeb

» Web Hosting, Dedicated Server, Colocation Milestone, Attained by iWeb

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Quebec, Canada – (The Hosting News) – April 22, 2009 – Internet hosting services and IT Infrastructure provider, iWeb, has reached the mark of over 10,000 dedicated servers hosted for its customers, which has grown from 3000 servers in 2006.

Eric Chouinard, President and CEO of iWeb noted, ”The fact is that many companies today are using IP-based technologies to keep IT spending under control, or to reduce spending. IT budget restrictions mean that the companies we work with are outsourcing their infrastructure to iWeb instead of financing their servers, maintaining them and building their own data centers. Because they have trusted iWeb with the management of their servers, iWeb’s customers can focus on their core business.”

iWeb, who provides hosted dedicated servers as a monthly service, has seen its revenues increase at least 60% every year since 2003.

Martin Leclair, President of Products and Technology at iWeb added, ”When iWeb started providing dedicated server hosting in 2002, it was as an experiment, 10,000 servers later it has become iWeb’s core business. iWeb is now in a position to start creating a server product that has even more value for the customer.”

The Montreal-based company, who recently announced a 92% increase in first quarter revenues, will be rolling out theme-based marketing campaigns, revolving around the number 10,000, to promote its dedicated server hosting services. Since becoming a public company in 2004, iWeb has been steadily growing to become one of Canada’s largest IP hosting firms.

iWeb is a worldwide provider of Internet hosting services and IT Infrastructure, with three secure data centers in Montreal. Since 2004, the company’s compounded annual growth rate has been above 75%, making it one of Canada’s 100 fastest growing companies according to PROFIT Magazine.

Founded in 1996 in Montreal, iWeb now generates more than 60% of its revenues from abroad and employs over 170 full-time employees. providing Dedicated Server Hosting, Colocation and Web Hosting services to more than 20,000 customers in 150 countries.

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