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» Hosting Partner Program Launches, at DemoWolf Tutorial Firm

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Nova Scotia, Canada – (The Hosting News) – April 22, 2009 – The Hosting Partner Program, designed to provide web hosts with an easy, hands-off way to provide branded tutorials to their customers, has launched at DemoWolf officially.

Rob Moore, president of DemoWolf explained, ”There have been several hosting companies wanting to get into the hosting tutorial market. Many hosts are providers to other web hosts, and so they have an existing customer base who are potential candidates for wanting branded tutorials. With this new Hosting Partner Program, we make it as easy as possible for hosts to do just that, and not have to worry about filling each order (i.e. replacing logos for their customers) and paying us each time they want to fill an order for their customer. They simply have to send in a tutorial request, and we’ll fill the order directly to the customer.”
The Hosting Partner Program is not a reseller program where resellers can earn a commission. Instead, it is a program whereby qualified web hosts who want to provide branded tutorials to their customers, can do so without having to actually create the tutorials themselves, or worry about paying DemoWolf each time they get a tutorial order or request.
Here’s how it works. When a web host signs up for the Hosting Partner Program, they must choose a ‘Partner Level’ which requires a pre-payment for future requested tutorials. Depending on the amount of the pre-payment, the host will be securing a discount on future tutorial requests of between 70% and 85% off DemoWolf’s regular prices. The available Partner Levels are as follows:

Bronze Partner – requires $1,000 pre-payment; secures a 70% discount on future tutorials
Silver Partner – requires $3,000 pre-payment; secures a 75% discount on future tutorials
Gold Partner – requires $5,000 pre-payment; secures a 80% discount on future tutorials
Platinum Partner – requires $10,000 pre-payment; secures a 85% discount on future tutorials
The new partner will then be able to offer DemoWolf tutorials to their customers… complete with the re-branding service so the customer can have the tutorials branded with their own logo (not DemoWolf’s logo, and not the Partner’s logo). The new partner can charge whatever they want for the tutorials, and can even give them away for free if they so choose. When a partner gets a request for a set of tutorials, they will send the information directly to DemoWolf, and DemoWolf will fill the order directly to the customer. DemoWolf will calculate the partner’s cost for the tutorials, and subtract that amount from their account balance (which started with a balance equal to their initial pre-payment).
For complete information on the Hosting Partner Program, go to
DemoWolf is the largest producer of hosting support tutorials, now offering over 3,000 flash tutorials for hosting companies, including over 1,100 voice tutorials. For more information, you may contact DemoWolf by visiting their website, or by calling toll free from USA/Canada: 1-866-905-4678, or internationally: +1-902-820-4678.
DemoWolf is currently offering all tutorials at 50% off, as well as bundles of tutorial series for even greater savings. Sale prices end April 30, 2009.

For more information, please visit:

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