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» Web Hosting, Dedicated Server Solution Firm, Blue Box Group, Partners with Gear6

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Tacoma, Washington – (The Hosting News) – March 15, 2009 – Rails hosting and web management services firm, Blue Box Group, along with Gear6 provider of scalable Memcached solutions, have entered into a partnership to develop and deliver a highly available Memcached-as-a-Service (MaaS) solution.
Stephen Balukoff, Chief Technology Officer at Blue Box Group remarked, ”We’re very excited about this caching service. Memcached is already an integral part of all the clustered Ruby on Rails and other websites we host. Gear6 already has a highly available and scalable Memcached solution with built-in clustering and replication. By augmenting this solution with features that allow us a lot of flexibility in our managed hosting environment, and eventual integration with our Box Panel customer interface, we will be able to provide a highly available, highly flexible Memcached solution to all our customers. And all this at a lower overall cost to the customer.”
Joaquin Ruiz, Executive Vice President of Products at Gear6 added, ”Managed hosting and cloud services are the next platforms for Gear6 Web Cache. That is why we are excited to be working with Blue Box Group to develop interfaces and services into Gear6 Web Cache for hosted applications requiring Memcached. We are thrilled with the popularity and production use of Web Cache at the origin sites of leading social media companies. By integrating services that plug into managed hosting and cloud providers, many more sites will have affordable access to our scalable and persistent Memcached services.”
Blue Box Group will begin its private beta of these highly available Memcached services this week. Service availability for all Blue Box Group customers should be deployed by the end of May, with integration into Blue Box Group’s Box Panel interface following shortly thereafter.
Blue Box Group is in the business of providing easy, affordable and reliable hosting solutions. They approach web hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers differently. Blue Box Group knows web technology and scalable ruby on rails deployments, with experience in both small deployments on virtual servers, to large dedicated server clusters taking millions of hits a day. Blue Box Group has solutions to the rails hosting problems you’ll experience as you grow.
Gear6 is the first and leading provider of scalable Memcached solutions, enabling high-growth media, social networking and content aggregation web sites to deliver and scale dynamic applications and content. By focusing on the emerging need for a dedicated web caching tier, Gear6 solutions dramatically improve the scalability of web applications and databases, improving quality of service and reducing infrastructure cost. Gear6′s flagship offering is Gear6 Web Cache, a Memcached protocol-compliant solution that enables web site developers and operators to scale web services and applications, to save money, rack space, power and time, to protect users and sites from failures and traffic spikes, and to manage all aspects of caching operations.

To learn exactly how Blue Box Group can help your business grow online, please visit:

For more about Gear6 Web Cache, please visit:

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