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» Web Hosting Network Bandwidth Increased, at LeaseWeb

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands – (The Hosting News) – June 24, 2009 – One of Europe’s largest business hosting providers based in Amsterdam, LeaseWeb, has increased the bandwidth capacity of its hosting network from 500 to 750 Gigabits per second, in a six-month period.

A large increase in new clients, and especially the increased use of videos on websites, are key drivers behind the strong growth in Internet traffic.
LeaseWeb’s clients use LeaseWeb’s hosting network as well as, among other things, its servers and network equipment in a data center to enable people to visit their websites. This Internet traffic has increased tremendously. LeaseWeb’s network, which includes fiber-optic links and four data centers in the Amsterdam region, extends across the world via telecom carriers and Internet exchanges.
Con Zwinkels, managing director of LeaseWeb explained, ”We have recently seen a strong increased in the use of streaming video in Web environments. Video is a key factor in the growth of Internet traffic handled by our network. In addition, we’re seeing a continuous flow of new clients from the Netherlands, but particularly from other countries, who have come to appreciate LeaseWeb’s qualities and competitive price-quality ratio. To give you an idea, we are currently managing approximately 22,000 servers and we’re adding about 300 servers each month. This growth is significant.”
The network capacity of 750 Gbps is twice the amount of bandwidth that clients actually use. The actual amount of Internet traffic is currently about 375 Gbps. The web page at has a graph showing the latest developments in LeaseWeb’s daily Internet traffic.
Mr. Zwinkels added, ”Maintaining ample bandwidth is a conscious choice. Our double bandwidth capacity is one of the main reasons why companies with rapidly expanding web environments choose LeaseWeb. Exactly one year ago, LeaseWeb’s hosting network bandwidth capacity was 210 Gbps. That was already significant, certainly compared to the capacity offered by the average hosting provider in the Netherlands. I would not have predicted that we would reach 750 Gbps this soon.”
Bulk users of bandwidth within LeaseWeb’s network include the websites of 123Video (, Garage TV of Belgium (, product comparison site Twenga (, the German broadcasting company WIGE Media AG (, Turkish media giant (, and the websites from Turkish companies like,,,, and Super Muzik.
LeaseWeb is an international provider of hosting solutions that is primarily geared towards the professional market. The company is among the top-20 hosting providers worldwide and its services include server virtualization, dedicated servers, collocation, streaming, webhosting, and domain name registration. LeaseWeb is the proprietor of a first-class network that offers a bandwidth of more than 750 Gbps, spanning four data centers in the Amsterdam region via major telecom carriers. LeaseWeb is also present via Internet exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Frankfurt, New York, Vienna, Stockholm, Warsaw, Zurich, Prague and Madrid. This way, LeaseWeb enables companies around the world to create and continue their online presence in a simple and affordable manner. Since its founding in 1997, hosting provider LeaseWeb has expanded its network to include more than 22,000 servers. LeaseWeb’s clients include Royal Joh. Ensched, OGD, 123Video,, Relatieplanet, MijnAlbum, Starbucks, Hyves, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Twenga, Direct Wonen, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, and Unive.

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