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Best Web Hosting & Domain Name » Dedicated Server Firm, Rackmount Specialists, Launches New Gemini Pro

» Dedicated Server Firm, Rackmount Specialists, Launches New Gemini Pro

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Las Vegas, Nevada – (The Hosting News) – August 12, 2009 – Custom rack mount and tower server provider, Rackmount Specialists, has introduced the next iteration of its high-efficiency server series, the Gemini Pro Twin 1U Server model.

The model expands on the success of the recently released standard model and delivers greater performance and expansion capability.
Rob Tyree, CTO of Rackmount Specialists offered, ”Rising datacenter costs have increased the urgency to develop and deploy innovative hardware solutions that significantly minimize total cost of ownership, especially in the context of long-term resource usage costs. Gemini Twin 1U Series Servers fully address these concerns, with efficiency a key focus in virtually every aspect of the design – from reduced energy consumption to the distinctive, density-boosting form factor.”
The Gemini Twin 1U Series Servers, for the first-time ever in the industry, enable two fully independent servers to be mounted in 1U of rack space – instantly doubling data center density. Unlike other 2-in-1 server designs, each Gemini Twin 1U Server is fully discrete, and can be removed from the rack for service individually. Both the standard and pro Gemini models share the same discrete form factor.
The Gemini Pro Twin 1U Server supports Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, and Intel Xeon 3000-series processors (the standard Gemini model supports Intel Atom processors). The Gemini Pro Twin 1U Server also supports up to 3 2.5 disks, an upgrade to the 2 disks supported in the standard Gemini model.
Pricing for base configurations for the Pro model start as low as $499 per unit. Rackmount Specialists builds each server to order at its assembly plant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Manufacturing and assembly of most chassis components is also completed in the U.S.
Don Reed, CEO of Rackmount Specialists remarked, ”Environmental responsibility has aptly become a strategic-level initiative for many businesses today, given pressures to both keep costs low and embrace corporate citizenship. Gemini Twin 1U Series Servers offer a unique opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of a datacenter or hosting operation. Our hardware not only reduces energy consumption, but it also requires less cooling overhead.”
Founded in 2005, Rackmount Specialists manufactures custom rack mount and tower servers, workstations, and custom-fabricated industrial PC’s. With years of experience in the computer industry, Rackmount Specialists develops efficient solutions for datacenter environments, rugged industrial PC applications, and other applications where PC computers are required but are difficult to deploy. Rackmount Specialists is a wholly-owned subsidiary of R and D Technologies, LLC.

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