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» ElasticHosts Web Hosting Offers Flexible, Scalable Cloud Hosting

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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London, United Kingdom – (The Hosting News) – August 19, 2009 – UK based cloud provider, ElasticHosts, has launched its cloud server solutions, which are designed to provide ultra-flexible and easy-to-use server capacity for scalable web hosting and on-demand burst computing.

Richard Davies, CEO of ElasticHosts offered, ”To date, businesses looking for the cost savings and scalability of cloud hosting have had to tackle complex user interfaces and have been limited to a handful of server sizes offered by different vendors. We have designed ElasticHosts so that it can be used by almost anyone and it allows users to configure their servers specifically to suit their requirements.”

Customers benefit from a user-friendly interface that can be managed from any desktop and allows them to create virtual servers instantly and resize their capacity immediately.
ElasticHosts’ cloud servers allow customers the cost-efficiency of buying exactly the capacity they need today, with the peace of mind that they can immediately scale up. Capacity is billed on-demand by the hour, unlike traditional hosting contracts which tie customers to fixed capacity for up to two years. The servers run any PC operating system, are fully configurable and designed to accommodate all forms of web hosting. ElasticHosts offers a 100% SLA with 100x credits for downtime, and is the only Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider to offer two independent data centres in Europe, using PEER 1′s high performance 10 Gbps SuperNetwork infrastructure to support mission critical hosting needs where business continuity is vital.

Andrew Fear of Trana eCommerce Ltd, an ElasticHosts customer noted, ”I have used many other cloud and virtual server solutions in the past. I was beginning to get frustrated with these providers and had been looking for alternatives for a while. Then I found ElasticHosts and I realized that I would be able to add a lot of flexibility for no extra cost. I now have quite a few servers with ElasticHosts. We can buy exactly the capacity that we need today and then scale it when we need more, which is a huge benefit and saves a lot of money. The best thing about ElasticHosts for me though, is being able to talk technical to someone who can talk technical back – a rare thing these days.”
To mark its launch, ElasticHosts is offering a free four-day trial to allow businesses to experience the power and simplicity of cloud hosting for themselves.
ElasticHosts provides ultra-flexible and easy-to-use server capacity for scalable web hosting and on-demand burst computing such as batch processing, development and test, backup and disaster recovery and cloud bursting. ElasticHosts offers competitive pricing for both subscription and burst use, outstanding performance for any PC operating system, fully flexible sizing, two independent UK data centres with fast direct links to the UK/EU internet, and a 100% SLA with 100x credits for downtime.

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