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» Web Hosting Tutorial Firm, DemoWolf, Overhauls Pricing Structure

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

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Nova Scotia, Canada – (The Hosting News) – September 24, 2009 – Web hosting industry tutorial firm, DemoWolf, has initiated an overhaul of its pricing structure. Tutorials of all kind are being offered at substantially reduced rates, discounted at up to 80 percent from former costs.

DemoWolf has gone through its entire inventory of tutorials and lowered regular and sale prices on all of its offerings. Not only have they continued its ”50% off” sale pricing, but they have lowered all of their regular prices.

The company has also updated its Savings Bundles to reflect all the new tutorials released in the last several months. In the last year, DemoWolf has doubled the number of tutorials available in its inventory, from 1,900 in August 2008, to over 3,600 as of now. New savings bundles are available at: Voice tutorials are available at 75% discounts at

The main changes include:
– New tab system for Standard vs Voice tutorials – the list only includes either voice or non-voice tutorials, rather than both. Tab back and forth between them to see what is needed.
– New sub-tab system for languages – Now only the English tutorials are displayed initially, with all other languages available by clicking the appropriate language tabs, for easy navigation between English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Brazilian, Russian, Czech or Bahasia tutorials.
– New ”Watch Now” buttons for every series, tied into a Nested-Floatbox system of viewing tutorials.
– Quick indicators letting you know if a tutorial series is also available in a Voice version, or in other languages.
– Regular and Sale pricing is more clearly labeled, as are the ”Buy Now” buttons.
– New sub-categories of tutorials to make tutorial series easier to locate.

Following is a list of the new tutorials released just in the last 2 months. All tutorials can be viewed from the new Hosting Tutorials page:

WHM 11 Setup series (29 demos)
WHM 11 Services series (33 demos)
WHM 11 Accounts series (35 demos)
WHM 11 Management series (24 demos)
Joomla New Setup VOICE series (20 demos)
Joomla New Admin VOICE series (17 demos)
Joomla New CMS VOICE series (17 demos)
Joomla New Extensions VOICE series (18 demos)
Joomla New End-user VOICE series (12 demos)
cPanel 11 x3 end-user FRENCH series (31 demos)
Horde FRENCH series (11 demos)
SquirrelMail FRENCH series (10 demos)
RoundCube FRENCH series (10 demos)
Fantastico FRENCH series (47 demos)
Drupal FRENCH series (14 demos)
Gallery FRENCH series (11 demos)
WHMCS 4 End-user series (10 demos)
WHMCS 4 Setup series (22 demos)
WHMCS 4 Management series (14 demos)

DemoWolf produces tutorials for the web hosting industry. The tutorials included for CPanel, feature 5 different skins, Direct Admin, Email, FTP, H-Sphere, Helm, phpMyAdmin, Plesk 8 for Linux, Plesk for Windows, SeverCP, SmarterMail, Virtuozzo, WebHost Manager,and several DNS domain name tutorials.and several DNS and domain name tutorial series. DemoWolf also has several tutorial series with voice and audio narration, including different voices and accents to choose from. DemoWolf is an Internet services company based in Halifax, NS, Canada. Specializing in providing ”professional quality” branded tutorials for the web hosting industry, DemoWolf also provides custom tutorials for many other online applications.

For more information about DemoWolf, please visit:

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