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We’re hard-pressed to find a flaw with Host Gator‘s impressive range of Web-hosting choices, ranging from its novice-friendly plan “Hatchling” (perfect for beginners looking to build their own small company or blog sites) to its enticing buffet of small-business offerings.

With its array of tools, novice-friendly wizards, business-minded extras, solid support options, and reasonable prices (monthly rates start at $6.95 for 50GB of Web storage and top out at $14.95 for a whopping 200GB), Host Gator ranks as one of the most compelling hosts for Web sites big and small. Unfortunately, if you choose to go the free route, you’ll have to put up with paid advertising on your finished site.

Setup and interface of Host Gator Web Hosting

Setup couldn’t be easier. Host Gator offers an impressive array of site tools for its users. If you’re a beginner who has never seen an HTML tag before, Host Gator Site Builder takes you step by step through the process of building a simple Web page. Start by picking a template (a few hundreds), then fill out a form with the text and the links you want on your new site.

Ready to get more advanced?

Dip into Host Gator SiteBuilder, a Java-powered WYSIWYG editor (an applet that loads onto your Web browser) that lets you drag and drop text, images, and links onto your pages. For a free, Web-based page-building tool, SiteBuilder provides some impressive features, including multiple fonts and text-alignment options, page templates, and add-ons such as a page counter (which comes in several styles), Host Gator News headline modules, date/time stamps, forms, pull-down menus, buttons and checkboxes, and more.

Prefer to code on your own?

Host Gator‘s HTML Editor lets you get down and dirty, offering help such as a pop-up table builder that will set up your rows, table data, cell padding and spacing, and other details.
The Host Gator cPanel’s File Manager displays your uploaded files and directory structure–you can upload almost any files through the Web interface. You can transfer files using your own favorite FTP client, or any FTP utility (such as, say, Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive).

Host Gator offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL)-encrypted FTP connections for Professional customers as well.

Host Gator‘s site-statistics tool in control panel gives you page views, visitor profiles, and referrer information with details about how a person found your page and what page they went to after yours. Host Gator also provides regular site backups; raw access logs (good for tracking visitors’ IP addresses); site subdomains; and support for PHP, MySQL, and Perl.

Service and support of Host Gator Web Hosting

Host Gator offers extensive online FAQs for its accounts, including everything from a generous library of HTML tips to guides for all the cPanel tools, plus troubleshooting help. subscribers also get online (live) or e-mail support (we received an email reply about a short time after sending a query by email), while a new visitor to a Host Gator site can chat online with sales and support 24-hour (we initiated inquiry window on a weekday morning and chat to a representative within minutes).

Overall Rating for Host Gator is 5 Stars.

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