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Domain NamesYour Domain Name is the doorway to your website. A good name makes your site inviting and easy to find and will encourage visitors to return again. Follow these guidelines and tips for choosing a Domain name that entices visitors and bolsters your online success.

  1. Your number one goal is to choose a domain name that helps people find your site, your products and your services. Always keep this in mind.
  2. Your Domain Name should describe the goods or service you offer. would be a poor choice if you are selling antique dining tables. A much better domain would be Choose an unique brand name only if you are willing to invest the capitol and time to promote brand awareness.
  3. Your domain name should match the business you are in which should match your site name. If your company offers auto cad services then the best domain name would be And your website’s name could be “Auto Cad Services”.
  4. Choose a name that is memorable. Refer to number one goal. If visitors and clients can’t remember the name of your site then your chances of retaining business is nill.
  5. Choose a domain name that is easily readable. can be read two ways but don’t make it any more confusing than that. Avoid acronyms, initials and abreviations; they make your domain name too cryptic.
  6. Keep the domain name short. Short makes the domain more memorable and it gives users less chance to mistype when entering the name into their browser. is a great name!
  7. Use keywords in your domain name. Keywords not only excite the search engines but also paint an image in your customers mind about what to expect from your site. A user searching for bottle brushes will know they hit pay dirt with
  8. Always choose as a top level domain. Surfers will consistently type .com in their browser before any other TLD. If your competitor has .com and you have .biz, you lose.
  9. Limit your domain to two words if you can. Three words or more becomes unwieldy and awkward to remember. An exception would be a common, everyday phrase. works well but see our next tip.
  10. Hyphens and numbers are a no-no. Imagine telling someone your domain name and then reminding them to use a hyphen between this word and that word and, oh yea, don’t spell the numbers. It just leads to confusion. The only exception is a common phrase like
  11. Try not to use “and” or “the” in your domain name unless you have to and never use “the” as the first word in the name. If a surfer forgets the “the” you have lost another one to the competition.
  12. Don’t wait too long to decide on your name. The internet is full of tales of lost opportunity and the big one that got away. NameSeek offers free domain parking while you work on hosting.
  13. Buy the name first then develop the site. Establishing your identity is a function of site development so you need your identity first. You can take advantage of NameSeek’s free domain parking as you develop.
  14. If there is a singular and a plural version of your name, get both. Also go for common misspellings; don’t lose plurals and misspellings to your competition. You can have many domain names that all refresh visitors to one site.
  15. Avoid profanity in your domain name even if you seek an adult site. Some search engines may decide to ban a purely tasteless or vulgar name but profanity is also tacky and unprofessional.

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